ricotz/plank other

Stupidly simple.

162 stars     29 forks

0 stars today

Valama/valama gpl-3.0

Next generation Vala IDE

184 stars     32 forks

0 stars today

needle-and-thread/vocal gpl-3.0

A powerful, beautiful, and simple podcast client for the modern free desktop.

249 stars     47 forks

0 stars today

phw/peek gpl-3.0

Simple animated GIF screen recorder with an easy to use interface

6043 stars     219 forks

0 stars today

GNOME/vala lgpl-2.1

Compiler for the GObject type system

587 stars     65 forks

0 stars today

tiliado/nuvolaruntime bsd-2-clause

Nuvola Apps Runtime - Tight integration of web apps with your desktop

259 stars     17 forks

0 stars today

babluboy/bookworm gpl-3.0

A simple ebook reader for Elementary OS

1005 stars     68 forks

0 stars today


A font editor which can generate fonts in TTF, EOT, SVG and BIRDFONT format.

223 stars     15 forks

0 stars today

teejee2008/aptik other

Command-line tool for migrating system settings and data for distributions based on Debian, Arch and Fedora. Can backup and restore software repositories, packages, icons, themes, fonts, users, groups, home data, dconf settings, fstab/crypttab entries, and cron tasks.

102 stars     11 forks

0 stars today

Schneegans/Gnome-Pie mit

A pie menu launcher for linux. Read the release announcement of version 0.7.2 at https://schneegans.github.io/news/2018/10/30/gnome-pie-072 Or have a look at the homepage!

265 stars     89 forks

0 stars today

jangernert/FeedReader gpl-3.0

Modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts.

730 stars     91 forks

0 stars today

teejee2008/timeshift other

System restore tool for Linux. Creates filesystem snapshots using rsync+hardlinks, or BTRFS snapshots. Supports scheduled snapshots, multiple backup levels, and exclude filters. Snapshots can be restored while system is running or from Live CD/USB.

2004 stars     186 forks

0 stars today

cassidyjames/ephemeral gpl-3.0

A private-by-default, always-incognito browser for elementary OS. Inspired by Firefox Focus.

105 stars     19 forks

0 stars today


A searchable command palette in every modern GTK+ application

752 stars     16 forks

0 stars today

tkashkin/GameHub gpl-3.0

All your games in one place

1051 stars     58 forks

0 stars today

naxuroqa/Venom gpl-3.0

a modern Tox client for the GNU/Linux desktop

274 stars     61 forks

0 stars today

midori-browser/core lgpl-2.1

Midori Web Browser - a lightweight, fast and free web browser using WebKit and GTK+

136 stars     23 forks

0 stars today

GNOME/geary other

Send and receive email

318 stars     60 forks

0 stars today

ivonunes/birdie gpl-3.0

Birdie is a beautiful & fast Twitter client designed for elementary OS

276 stars     45 forks

0 stars today

holylobster/nuntius-linux gpl-2.0

Nuntius delivers notifications from your phone or tablet to your computer

210 stars     24 forks

0 stars today

elementary/terminal lgpl-3.0

Terminal emulator designed for elementary OS

202 stars     67 forks

0 stars today

bboozzoo/mconnect gpl-2.0

mconnect - KDE Connect protocol implementation in Vala/C

183 stars     16 forks

0 stars today

dino/dino gpl-3.0

Modern XMPP ("Jabber") Chat Client using GTK+/Vala

1254 stars     134 forks

0 stars today

pdfpc/pdfpc gpl-2.0

A presenter console with multi-monitor support for PDF files.

917 stars     95 forks

0 stars today

elementary/appcenter gpl-3.0

Pay-what-you-want app store for elementary OS

298 stars     75 forks

0 stars today

alainm23/planner gpl-3.0

Task manager with Todoist support designed for GNU/Linux 🚀

447 stars     57 forks

0 stars today

nick92/Enso-OS gpl-3.0

a simple OS designed for ageing computers

265 stars     34 forks

0 stars today

eyelash/xi-gtk apache-2.0

a GTK front-end for the Xi editor

328 stars     27 forks

0 stars today

BlankOn/manokwari gpl-2.0

Manokwari desktop shell for GNOME 3

114 stars     52 forks

0 stars today

calo001/fondo agpl-3.0

📷 Wallpaper App for Linux

102 stars     16 forks

0 stars today

elementary/code gpl-3.0

Code editor designed for elementary OS

238 stars     76 forks

0 stars today

cheesecakeufo/komorebi gpl-3.0

A beautiful and customizable wallpapers manager for Linux

1600 stars     116 forks

0 stars today