pester/Pester other

Pester is the ubiquitous test and mock framework for PowerShell.

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DarqueWarrior/vsteam mit

PowerShell module for accessing TFS, Azure DevOps Service and Azure DevOps Server

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dfinke/ImportExcel apache-2.0

PowerShell module to import/export Excel spreadsheets, without Excel

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dotnet/docs other

This repository contains .NET Documentation.

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davehull/Kansa apache-2.0

A Powershell incident response framework

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samratashok/nishang other

Nishang - Offensive PowerShell for red team, penetration testing and offensive security.

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monoxgas/sRDI other

Shellcode implementation of Reflective DLL Injection. Convert DLLs to position independent shellcode

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davidprowe/BadBlood gpl-3.0

BadBlood by @davidprowe,, fills a Microsoft Active Directory Domain with a structure and thousands of objects. The output of the tool is a domain similar to a domain in the real world. After BadBlood is ran on a domain, security analysts and engineers can practice using tools to gain an understanding and prescribe to securing Active Directory. Each time this tool runs, it produces different results. The domain, users, groups, computers and permissions are different. Every. Single. Time.

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canix1/ADACLScanner ms-pl

Repo for ADACLScan.ps1 - Your number one script for ACL's in Active Directory

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dafthack/PowerMeta mit

PowerMeta searches for publicly available files hosted on various websites for a particular domain by using specially crafted Google, and Bing searches. It then allows for the download of those files from the target domain. After retrieving the files, the metadata associated with them can be analyzed by PowerMeta. Some interesting things commonly found in metadata are usernames, domains, software titles, and computer names.

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proxb/PowerShell_Scripts mit

Miscellaneous scripts for things that I have done; more scripts will arrive as I get time to update this repo.

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jdhitsolutions/PSScriptTools mit

A set of of PowerShell functions you might use to enhance your own functions and scripts or to facilitate working in the console. Most should work in both Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7, even cross-platform. Any operating system limitations should be handled on a per command basis. The Samples folder contains demonstration script files

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