frida/frida other

Clone this repo to build Frida

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4 stars today

openwrt/packages gpl-2.0

Community maintained packages for OpenWrt. Documentation for submitting pull requests is in

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mxe/mxe other

MXE (M cross environment)

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joho/7XX-rfc other

An RFC for a new series of HTTP status codes covering developer fouls.

3514 stars     269 forks

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yuk7/CentWSL mit

CentOS as a WSL Instance. Supports multiple install.

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frainzy1477/clash mit

Clash for openwrt [Luci-app-clash]

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actions/aws mit

GitHub Actions for interacting with AWS

340 stars     107 forks

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actions/gcloud mit

GitHub Actions for interacting with Google Cloud Platform

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hgfischer/gomk other

An opinionated Makefile for Go projects.

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Nmap on Android - Makefile/diff/scripts to build it with Android NDK

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rudix-mac/rudix bsd-3-clause

Build system target on macOS (OS X) with support for OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD

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kerberos-io/kios gpl-2.0

A Linux OS created by Buildroot which runs out-of-the-box.

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phodal/developer cc0-1.0

developer roadmap. use growth replace this

1674 stars     348 forks

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imitate a net library named muduo written by ChenShuo

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pcaro90/hermit ofl-1.1

Hermit is a monospace font designed to be clear, pragmatic and very readable.

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joyent/manta mpl-2.0

Manta is a scalable HTTP-based object store

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unixorn/luggage apache-2.0

Project to automate OS X package creation without using the packagemaker GUI

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Metrological/buildroot gpl-2.0

Buildroot Environment for multiple TV WebKit ports using EGL and GLESv2, supporting WebGL, Canvas, HTML5 Video as a texture and more. One of the target devices supported is the Raspberry PI 2.

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Kyligence/kylin-docker apache-2.0

This repository trackes the code and files for building docker image with Apache Kylin.

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