madd86/awesome-system-design cc0-1.0

A curated list of awesome System Design (A.K.A. Distributed Computing) resources.

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170 stars today

sindresorhus/awesome cc0-1.0

๐Ÿ˜Ž Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

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vinta/awesome-python other

A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources

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awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted other

A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally. Selfhosting is the process of hosting and managing applications instead of renting from Software-as-a-Service providers

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vuejs/awesome-vue mit

๐ŸŽ‰ A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

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avelino/awesome-go mit

A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

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AdrienTorris/awesome-blazor cc0-1.0

Resources for Blazor, a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

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A curated list of awesome OpenGL libraries, debuggers and resources.

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rust-embedded/awesome-embedded-rust other

Curated list of resources for Embedded and Low-level development in the Rust programming language

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protontypes/awesome-robotic-tooling unlicense

Tools for professional robotic development in C++ and Python with a touch of ROS, autonomous driving and aerospace

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Popular JavaScript / React / Node / Mongo stack Interview questions and their answers. Many of them, I faced in actual interviews and ultimately got my first full-stack Dev job :)

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:notebook_with_decorative_cover: :books: A curated list of awesome resources : books, videos, articles about using Next.js (A minimalistic framework for universal server-rendered React applications)

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sbilly/awesome-security mit

A collection of awesome software, libraries, documents, books, resources and cools stuffs about security.

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A curated list of awesome pipeline toolkits inspired by Awesome Sysadmin

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pFarb/awesome-crypto-papers other

A curated list of cryptography papers, articles, tutorials and howtos.

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hibayesian/awesome-automl-papers apache-2.0

A curated list of automated machine learning papers, articles, tutorials, slides and projects

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wbkd/awesome-d3 other

A list of D3 libraries, plugins and utilities

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nanxstats/awesome-shiny-extensions cc0-1.0

Awesome R packages that offer extended UI or server components for the R web framework Shiny

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dastergon/awesome-sre cc0-1.0

A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

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Awesome List of resources on leading people and being a manager. Geared toward tech, but potentially useful to anyone.

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A curated list of awesome libraries, tools, and integrations for Hetzner Cloud

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JsonChao/Awesome-Android-Notebook apache-2.0

:computer: A complete plan for better android developers.๏ผˆcontinuous updating ...๏ผ‰

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kozross/awesome-c cc-by-sa-4.0

A curated list of awesome C frameworks, libraries, resources and other shiny things. Inspired by all the other awesome-... projects out there.

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Awesome list of progressive web apps! (PR welcomed ;))

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