Byron/gitoxide mit

An idiomatic, modern, lean, fast, safe & pure rust implementation of git

818 stars     8 forks

818 stars today

cashapp/turbine apache-2.0

A small testing library for kotlinx.coroutines Flow

400 stars     7 forks

200 stars today

hellobike/flutter_thrio mit

flutter_thrio makes it easy and fast to add flutter to existing mobile applications, and provide a simple and consistent navigator APIs.

400 stars     30 forks

200 stars today

bevyengine/bevy mit

A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust

1700 stars     69 forks

551 stars today

inoda/ontrack mit

:money_with_wings: A simple self-hosted budgeting app

362 stars     24 forks

362 stars today

halfmoonui/halfmoon mit

Front-end framework with a built-in dark mode, designed for rapidly building beautiful dashboards and product pages.

811 stars     22 forks

411 stars today

magicleap/Atlas apache-2.0

Atlas: End-to-End 3D Scene Reconstruction from Posed Images

762 stars     80 forks

252 stars today


🎁 2,000,000+ Unsplash images made available for research and machine learning

1114 stars     28 forks

232 stars today

PrefectHQ/prefect apache-2.0

The easiest way to automate your data

4122 stars     322 forks

196 stars today

jakkra/Mars-Rover mit

3D printed Curiosity/Perseverance inspired Rover

274 stars     57 forks

74 stars today

madd86/awesome-system-design cc0-1.0

A curated list of awesome System Design (A.K.A. Distributed Computing) resources.

2470 stars     126 forks

170 stars today

storybookjs/storybook mit

πŸ““ The UI component explorer. Develop, document, & test for React, Vue, Angular, Ember, Web Components, & more!

51777 stars     5059 forks

182 stars today

txthinking/socks5 mit

SOCKS Protocol Version 5 Library in Go. Full TCP/UDP and IPv4/IPv6 support

259 stars     36 forks

59 stars today

nodejs/ mit

A new Node.js resource built using Gatsby.js with React.js, TypeScript, Emotion, and Remark.

1073 stars     291 forks

146 stars today

KwaiAppTeam/KOOM other

KOOM is an OOM killer on mobile platform by Kwai.

769 stars     78 forks

126 stars today

an-tao/drogon mit

Drogon: A C++14/17 based HTTP web application framework running on Linux/macOS/Unix/Windows

2689 stars     211 forks

180 stars today

microsoft/fast mit

The adaptive interface system
 for modern web experiences.

4218 stars     188 forks

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looly/hutool other

A set of tools that keep Java sweet.

14275 stars     4465 forks

125 stars today

Shawn-Shan/fawkes bsd-3-clause

Fawkes, privacy preserving tool against facial recognition systems. More info at

2814 stars     265 forks

107 stars today

donnemartin/system-design-primer other

Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.

104005 stars     18566 forks

101 stars today

trekhleb/javascript-algorithms mit

πŸ“ Algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings

78034 stars     13071 forks

102 stars today

MMMzq/bot_toast apache-2.0

A really easy to use flutter toast library

400 stars     46 forks

133 stars today

vuejs/vue mit

πŸ–– Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

169966 stars     26008 forks

88 stars today

facebook/react mit

A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

154079 stars     30193 forks

83 stars today

intelowlproject/IntelOwl agpl-3.0

Intel Owl: analyze files, domains, IPs in multiple ways from a single API at scale

756 stars     51 forks

82 stars today

internetarchive/heritrix3 other

Heritrix is the Internet Archive's open-source, extensible, web-scale, archival-quality web crawler project.

1791 stars     661 forks

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A collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.

92050 stars     11025 forks

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Course files for the progressive web app tutorial series on The Net Ninja YouTube channel.

205 stars     197 forks

104 stars today

facebookresearch/TorchRay other

Understanding Deep Networks via Extremal Perturbations and Smooth Masks

245 stars     20 forks

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shzlw/poli mit

An easy-to-use BI server built for SQL lovers. Power data analysis in SQL and gain faster business insights.

1689 stars     268 forks

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sindresorhus/awesome cc0-1.0

😎 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

138529 stars     18426 forks

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